The UK’s Food Waste Pandemic – How A Simple Switch May Be For The Greater Good

The UK faces a huge problem in the amount of food waste each household exerts – with an astonishing twenty-four million slices of bread thrown away everyday.[1] Despite the convenience of supermarkets,  many people are beginning to question the effects of the waste they produce both in-store and at home in relation to excessive purchasing. Consumers are now being alerted to other sources such as shopping local and seasonally. 

After a storm of hard-hitting documentaries and environmental exploits, consumers today often believe they are more informed and in turn, more conscious within their daily lives. In reality, there are still a lot of simple switches that can be made by households. Take the weekly food shop as an example. 

In the UK, consumers discard nearly twenty percent of the food they buy.[2] It’s believed that in the average household this equates to around seven hundred pounds worth of food waste per year.[2] When this food waste is then disposed of via landfill, this is where the real damage is done. As the food rots it releases methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas. When referring to greenhouse gases and global warming, people often think of Carbon Dioxide as the evil of all gases… However, rotting food emits gases that are in fact twenty-five times more harmful than carbon dioxide.[3]

But, a simple step towards avoiding these damaging effects is shopping both locally and seasonally. Choosing to cook with local produce from local suppliers means consumers are able to understand more about the supply chain process and where their food is actually coming from. This coupled with the fact that local suppliers champion seasonality means better quality food and better for the environment all round.

That’s where we come in, from day one we have had food waste at the forefront of our minds. Which is why we are a recipe box delivery service that uses seasonal, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients to enable users to cook imaginative and delicious meals with ease at home, meaning no fuss and no waste.

According to the number of people users are catering for, produce is weighed and portioned and accompanied by step-by-step recipe instructions created by award-winning chefs. By doing so, Little Weighton Kitchen eliminates the stress of recipe planning, food shopping and most importantly – ensures zero waste.

Unlike bigger recipe box brands, we have a number of sustainability processes in place that go beyond carbon neutral delivery – such as working with ReFood who collect food waste to be recycled into renewable energy and biofertilisers; ensuring that all packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable. LWK also arranges collection in the local area so the team can reuse boxes, ice packs and insulation. 

Our founder, Micaela Clegg discusses another benefit of Little Weighton Kitchen: “I know how frustrating it is when you end up throwing away unused ingredients from the excess of creating a home-cooked meal for your family, it is so common and difficult to avoid when buying ingredients from your local supermarket. This is why at Little Weighton Kitchen our Head Chef, Wendy, pre-prepares all of the more chef-like features such as marinades, sauces and pastes, meaning there will be less half used packets of fresh herbs, sauce jars and such, as we ensure there is just enough for your meal, resulting in less packaging and no food waste.”

Whilst it may not be realistic to opt for a recipe box service every single week, it would be a small step in the right direction to give up the weekly shop once a month and instead enjoy a range of easy-to-create, home-cooked meals with the confidence that your efforts are making a difference.

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