National Gardening Week

Gardening can feel like it’s only an option for those with sprawling lawns or allotments, as well as a big investment in both time and money. So for National Gardening Week this year, we sat down with our Head Chef Wendy (resident Gardening expert at LWK) to pick her brains on her favourite gardening hacks, for small spaces and savvy tips on how to not spend a small fortune.

1. Tomato baskets 

When dealing with small spaces it’s handy to get a plant that is multi-purpose. Tomato plants are both pretty to look at and a source of home-grown food (there really is nothing like fresh tomatoes, we love to chop them up on toast with a drizzle of extra virgin oil to start your day). 

Not a lot of floor space? Tomato plant baskets are a great solution. A little trickier to manage than container tomatoes, the benefits are well worth the care time, preventing ground pests, weeds and soil disease, and they look great.

2. Double up on your harvest

New to the scene, we’ve been loving these tomato & potato plants as a great way to make the most of your soil space. Growing sweet cherry tomatoes above the ground, whilst below growing delicious white potatoes ready to be made into chips, mash or roasties.

3. Recycle your egg boxes

A great way to save some money whilst also doing your bit to reuse and recycle. Your egg boxes can be used as a safe small space for your herb seedlings to grow & flourish before moving them out to bigger planters once they’ve reached fully grown and thriving selves.

4. Upcycle pallets

Upcycling wooden pallets is a great way to create a beautiful space to bed your flowers without spending a fortune. With just a staple gun and some bin liners you can create a stunning vertical garden (handy for narrow gardens and balconies) or have a go at making them into a horizontal vegetable patch.

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