Laurel Vines X LWK

We’ve partnered with East Yorkshire’s award winning vineyard Laurel Vines, to help create that special restaurant atmosphere to your home for this Valentine’s weekend.

A little bit about Laurel Vines…

We couldn’t wait to partner with local business Laurel Vines. Based in the small hamlet of Aike in East Yorkshire, Laurel Vines are a low carbon, low environmental impact vineyard launched in 2009. Just like us they source everything they can locally, managing the process from vine to bottle all on one site to create fantastic and down to earth wines.

We asked them a few questions so we could all get to know them a little better:

What would your desert island meal be? And which wine would you pair with it?

I would certainly have to say a fish thermidor. I would pair this with our Ortega, as the vanilla goes well with the cream sauce

What are the perks of being a family run business? 

Being part of a family run business is the fact we all share a real passion for the business, with the added bonus of having to taste the wines. (But we all have our crosses to bare)  

What drew you to opening a Vineyard?

My father was looking for a hobby to get him outside more, after planting 2,000 vines he soon realised that this would be more than a hobby. We are now at over 12,500 vines with all of the family involved, including each year at harvest time over 60 volunteers. 

Where is your favourite spot in Yorkshire? 

I would have to say my favourite spot in Yorkshire is Beckhole in North Yorkshire. The village is quiet with many walking routes around it and a cute small village pub located next to the river.

What does being a Yorkshire business mean to you?

I’ve found being an independent business in Yorkshire means you are part of a bigger network. There are many other local businesses which we’ve met at food festivals and I think it is amazing how we all support each other. I have also discovered multiple businesses which have so much passion about their products which makes it even more inspiring, especially LW Kitchen.

The perfect pair for your Valentines evening…

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