How to chop an onion

Anyone else wonder how the chefs chop an onion so good? Us too… our head chef Wendy, the recipe mastermind behind LWK gave us some intel on how to chop an onion, quickly, safely, and with minimum crying. 

1️⃣ Chop the onion in half from root to tip
2️⃣ Chop off the tip end of each half and peel off the outer layer
3️⃣ Slice the onion from root to tip making sure to leave the root intact so it keeps the onion together
4️⃣ Finally slice the onion widthways from end to root and discard of the root once done

This method helps to keep the tears at bay by keeping the most exposed cuts of the onion facing away from you, but using a sharp knife will also help to prevent those onion tears.

Wendy Rowley – LWK Recipe Mastermind

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