Hodgsons Fish

Founded in 1916, Hodgsons fish has over 100 years of trading experience with 10 Michelin star restaurants in its portfolio. Still run as a family business and based across the North of England, they are unrivalled in the premium fish and shellfish sector.

Hodgsons and sustainability

With the importance of locally sourced products that don’t have an impact on the environment through either over-fishing or via its carbon footprint, it’s great that Hodgsons fishery is sustainable conscious business. With only a small fleet of under 10-meter fishing boats, fishing either during the day or at night, Hodgsons boats cannot fish in poor weather and have a relatively small capacity, meaning the area they fish is generally protected.

Farmed fish have been crucial for protecting wild stocks, early teething troubles have been ironed out leaving a robust, self-regulated, sustainable industry which has become essential for filling the gap between demand and supply, they now have accreditation of their own in the shape of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) which manages standards for responsible aquaculture. Products bearing the ASC label come from fish farms that have met these standards, and Hodgson fish actively pursue ASC labelled fish.