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Soanes Poultry

Driven by animal welfare, quality and service since 1947, the Soanes family are proud of their traditional values of quality and service when it comes to rearing Yorkshire’s tastiest chickens. Soanes’ Great Taste Award winning grain fed chickens are reared in light, airy barns with bales to perch on and…

John Penny & Sons

John Penny and Sons is a family run business using sustainable farming methods to produce the finest quality beef, lamb and pork based in the outskirts of Leeds. It prides itself on its practices, produce and people, taking more care by ensuring a greater number of staff than more intensive…

Shepherd’s Purse

Based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Shepherd’s Purse Artisan Cheeses began  in the late 1980s after Mum, Judy Bell, discovered her passion and talent for cheese making, setting out on a mission to create quality dairy alternatives for cow’s milk allergy sufferers. Judy won their first Gold award in 1989 at…

Hodgsons Fish

Founded in 1916, Hodgsons fish has over 100 years of trading experience with 10 Michelin star restaurants in its portfolio. Still run as a family business and based across the North of England, they are unrivalled in the premium fish and shellfish sector. Hodgsons and sustainability With the importance of…

Anna’s Happy Trotters

The Longthorp family have been farming for 4 generations. Based in Howden East Yorkshire they were originally a purely arable farm growing crops, pigs were added to the mix some thirty years ago to make better use of the grain and straw they produce.