We sat down with our Head Chef Wendy Rowley for #BritishPieWeek and asked her to share how to create our pub The Black Horse’s renowned Steak & Ale Pie pastry, see her top pastry secrets & tips below…

  1. Half butter and half lard – Butter for flavour and lard extra crispness

Tip: The butter and lard should be used straight from the fridge and a real ‘cheffy’ tip is to use a cheese grater- it takes all the hard work from your fingers!

  1. The flour we use is self raising flour – Extra lightness!

Tip: Always sieve the flour together with a good pinch of salt. This brings out the flavour of our next secret… added chopped fresh sage

  1. When combining the flour and fats. I start by Coating the grated fat and the flour very gently so all of the little pieces of fat are coated with flour. Then give it all a little rub. We are looking for coarse breadcrumbs, I find clumps of floury butter or lard give super flakey pastry! Add cold water until it binds together. 

Tip: I stay on the dryer side of breadcrumbs rather than doughy!

  1. When rolling out. Again be gentle and not too heavy with the rolling pin as you don’t want to crush the air out of it. 

Tip: The less you work the pastry the lighter it will be!

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